The owners’ wish was that the house renovation would be accompanied by a fresh touch on materials, colours and the latest interior design trends, but at the same time would incorporate many of the existing furniture and objects of sentimental value. The apartment was studied based on the operational/functional needs and preferences of the family.  The materials preserved and the new ones that were used form an intense palette of textures and colours that are, at times, contradictory.

The kitchen was redesigned to fully meet the needs of the family, giving a strong character with the coloured lacquer and the micro cement coating instead of a conventional selection of ceramic tiles. The main bathroom was radically redesigned, in grey cement coating - a modern and imposing design - with wooden deck shower, while the minimal furniture along with white sanitary ware and highly aesthetic storage spaces completed the set.  The small bathroom was redesigned, with a smart solution for the washing machine, so as to meet the family’s everyday needs.

The number of the bedrooms is currently kept down to two as the third one was turned into a playroom. Particular emphasis was placed on the restoration of the expensive marble flooring. The wooden floorings in the rooms were sanded and back to their normal colour in order to be varnished using eco friendly, matte-finish products.

The apartment was painted in colour combinations creating a unique result.