At a pharmacy store in Thessaloniki, the growth of business gave birth to the need of an expansion of the area. In order to fulfil that need  Office 01 decided to join two spaces together to form a new larger one. The new pharmacy area of ​​120 sq.m. had to be redesigned in its entirety so that its new ergonomic arrangement ensured its efficient and orderly functioning and reflected pharmacy’s new aesthetics. Office 01 took into account the aesthetics of the original store and took care with special and bold design interventions to assimilate and upgrade it.

The main concern was the introduction of natural materials with a soft texture into the main area of ​​the store. The use of natural wood as a new architectural form applied to surfaces and functional elements of the space, which incorporated with the existing colour palette and the original motifs and installations. The use of natural beech wood beams made the design look impressive by a single backdrop behind the service counter, whose form continues throughout the store as furnishing and placement system. The wooden beams following the same pattern give an equally uncompromising shape to the single longitudinal structure that is in direct dialogue with the wooden back of the service counter, the central product display cases and the special construction that serves as a stop and rest area for customers and a showcase of products.
The special patient care site, created to ensure the privacy of each patient and the personalized service provided by pharmacists, was equipped with a medical bed, a product storage, an immediate medical care cabinet and a patient communication desk.
The complete illumination study and its application, combined with the special spotlight give the mark of the purity of the space and the form.

Photography : Ntagiamas Dimitris